Target Wood, nr Badbury Rings, Dorset

This crop circle lies close to Badbury Rings in Dorset. Badbury Rings is an Iron-Age hill fort which lies close to Blandford Forum in Dorset. It is one of the more attractive hill forts of its type with several ringed embankments and is topped by a copse of trees. We have had circles at Badbury Rings before most notably in 2014 (see here). You can read more about the site here. Badbury Rings is open to the pubic and offers some fantastic views of the surrounding countryside – the crop circle lies to the north west of the hill fort – and may be slightly too distant and too small to see from the summit of the hill.

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Visiting: This crop circle has now been harvested. 

The design of this formation is instantly recognisable as a variation on the Kabbalah, or Tree of Life. It might be more accurately termed the Sephiroth a sacred design or mandala which represents a philosophy of the cosmos. The Kabbalah is part of an aspect of Jewish Mysticism, each of the 10 circles represent stages, or aspects of a cosmic, or spiritual path. You can read more about it here.

We have seen the Tree of Life before as a crop circle in a field of Oilseed Rape (canola) at Barbury Castle in 1997 – so this new formation has appeared 20 years later in 2017. This time, the mandala is en-framed by a cross between a Star of David (classical hexgram – made from two opposing and overlaid equilateral triangles) and a unicursal hexagram (drawn in one line). See Geometry Gallery below for more images. We have seen many well-known sacred mandalas as crop circles over the years, for me this only serves to emphasise the mysterious spiritual heart of the phenomenon, which seems to call many to a different vision of life – a new perspective, a change in consciousness.

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Geometry Gallery

I have now added my pencil line drawing at various stages for you to follow how the design comes together. The marriage of the classical hexagram, the unicursal hexagram and the tree of life is both imaginative, artistically and philosophically, it is also quite beautiful! There are quite a few images in this gallery so be sure to see pages 2 and 3 to see them all.

See page 2 of gallery for images of the 1997 Kabbalah formation and hexagrams and unicursal hexagrams as crop circles.

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This crop circle has now been harvested.
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