Badbury Rings, Dorset

The formation at Badbury Rings, is a unique and inventive design, not dissimilar to a parachute. Essentially, a semi circle at the top and a crescent moon at he bottom, connected by pathways and small circles. The standout feature is the two labyrinthine pathways at the top of the design. Placed beautifully in the landscape, the crop circle lies close to Badbury Rings hill fort, itself a stunning earthwork close to the town of Wimborne Minster in Dorset. The crop circle measures approximately 200ft. in length and was formed in maturing barley.

Badbury Rings is an Iron Age hill fort dating to approximately 800BC. The earthwork is immediately recognisable by its four concentric circular ditches and many trees on its summit. It is one of many stunning earthworks in the county of Dorset.

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This formation was tricky to draw. The tricky part being the two labyrinthine pathways at the top of the design. As you can see from the images below they were complex to plot on paper. Overall this was a lovely design and to finish, it also contained a Golden Section underpinning the entire design.








This circle has now been harvested

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