Ackling Dyke (2), nr Sixpenny Handley, Dorset

With the fields almost harvested, this will probably be the last crop circle we record this season. A second formation at Ackling Dyke, close to the prettily named Oakley Barrow Cemetery (see image gallery below for pictures of the barrows). The basic design is known as a unicursal hexagram – unicursal meaning, in one line. It looks like two conjoined chevrons which can clearly be seen in this circle. Two small rings and 12 lines embellish the basic form and the whole design is encompassed by a flattened ring. The Oakley Barrow Cemetery is a collection of bowl, bell and disc barrows, the purpose or meaning of which is largely unknown. The barrows date back to the Iron Age, while Ackling Dyke is a Roman feature, built rather disrespectfully though at least one of the barrows. This crop circle measured approximately 100ft in diameter and was in a field of mature wheat.

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This crop circle has now been harvested

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