New Circle at Cerne Abbas

New Circle at Cerne Abbas:

Buckland Down, Dorset | 26th May 2018 | Barley L2We now have stunning pictures and updated information on the Buckland Down (Cerne Abbas) formation reported 26th May 2018

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  1. We had just had a choir of 400 people toning what we call “pineal tones” in Bath on Friday, May 25th. To me this looks like our 4 choir directors, who were indeed leading us in a celebration of uniting heaven and earth. I don’t mean to personalize this universal experience, but in this creation , there is that sense of lifting up arms in joy to the heavens. Thanks for the circle in the square explanation. It makes beautiful sense.

    • Hi Stephanie, thanks for your message and please don’t apologise! Crop Circles can mean many things to many people and your interpretation is just as valid as anyone else’s – your connection to this circle doesn’t preclude any one else’s either. Thanks for sharing and I’m really glad you enjoyed seeing the circle :)


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