First Flight of 2018

First Flight of 2018:

_DSC6399 6 Willoughby Hedge Wilts 08 05 18 L2We now have stunning pictures and updated information on the Willoughby Hedge formation reported 8th May 2018

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  1. What amazing new pictures of this year’s first circle!

    This site is a service to the world, a world that has for various reasons mainly chosen not to embrace or fathom crop circles.

    And what rich symbolism and commentary through-out this site, one of the few on my toolbar menu that isn’t a bank.

    Sincere thanks from Oregon USA for keeping the divine apparent to our senses.

    • Thanks John. So glad you enjoy the site. It’s always appreciated when people take the time to say they enjoy what we do.

    • +1 on that.
      Fantastic site.
      Amazing work.
      Thanks to Steve and Karen for the dedication and commitment.

      • Thank you! Glad you’re enjoying the website :)

  2. Never miss to visit your page daily since start of May 2018 and thank you for reporting on these fabulous wonders.

    • Many thanks Shalini it’s our privilege and pleasure to record the circles and share them with everyone :)

  3. Yes well done – excellent site and much needed and detailed news updates. Very much appreciated so will continue to donate. Keep it up you lot!

    • Thank-you Piers, we really appreciate people taking the time to tell us what they think of the website and, of course, we appreciate deeply all the support we get from people. Thanks again.

  4. I wish to send a big thanks for this amazing work you do guys just visited this amazing formation you made impossible possible thank you , looking forward to visit more of those magical formations , you have my support

    • Thanks for your kind comment Tomas, so glad you enjoy the website


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