First Crop Circle of 2018

First Crop Circle of 2018:

_DSC6399 6 Willoughby Hedge Wilts 08 05 18 L2The first crop circle UK crop circle of 2018 was reported on Tuesday 8th May and located at Willoughby Hedge, near Mere in Wiltshire. The circle is in oilseed-rape (canola) crop and measures approximately 100-150ft in diameter.

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  1. I had heard of crop circles but did not pay much attention until I tuned into a conspiracy show and the topic was crop circles. Then I found your site and viewed your 2017 photos. It absolutely blew me away. I look forward to learning more soon. Thanks for your efforts to bring this to our viewing orbit. Donna

    • Hi Donna, really glad you’ve found our website and are enjoying it. Thanks for your kind comments!


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