Yarnbury Castle, Wiltshire.

(not far from Stonehenge) 

Detail & Location: This circle was the second one to be reported on the 26th of July 2020, the other being the Etchilhampton (2) circle. It is in a field of mature wheat and measures approximately 150ft in diameter. See the Google Maps link for precise location. 

Crop Circle Reporting and Covid-19: After considerable thought and consultation, we have decided we will not be censoring crop circle locations during the Covid-19 pandemic. There are no current restrictions in place in the UK that call for a blanket ban on visiting the countryside. We consider the reporting of crop circles to be in the spirit of journalism, and censorship to be an anathema to that spirit. Therefore, we will be treating the crop circle community as adults and asking everyone to approach the information carefully and responsibly. This will include not visiting the circles if the farmer has not given explicit permission to do so and should permission be given that they practice social distancing by staying 2 metres away from fellow visitors. It would be our very strong advice that visiting the crop circles on the ground should be kept to an absolute minimum for now. However, because we know that the location of any given circle can be important to researchers and those that record the circles from the air, we will continue to share what we know. 

Flying during the Covid-19 Pandemic: Thanks to the hard work of all at Heliair, Thruxton, as of July 20th we have been able to return to the air to record the 2020 circles. We will still be working  along-side the excellent AEROBO (Art in Flight) who will be helping us collect images and drone footage of the latest crop circles to share on the website. 

Visiting: As far as we are aware no permission has been given to visit this crop circle. Please do not visit this circle. Thank you. 

Location: The circle is located close to the A303 as it passes Yarnbury Castle/hillfort. It is very close to the position of the circle last year that appeared on the 3rd July. You can read more about that formation here

Yarnbury Castle is a huge Iron-Age circular hillfort (it covers over 28 acres) and is just a few miles west from Stonehenge. Unlike many other similar earthworks, Yarnbury Castle is on private land and cannot be visited by the public, so please do not wander onto the site. You can read more about Yarnbury Castle here

Flight: Yarnbury Castle is very close to the perimeter of the Salisbury Plain Danger Area. You will need permission to fly into their zone. The A303 is also a very busy artery road for which there are also some flight restrictions. 

History & Connections: As mentioned above, there was a circle here last summer on 3rd of July and the year before (2018) on the 24th of June. 

Design & Symbolism: This is a six-fold design made entirely from circles. I will update this page again with drawings and analysis as I complete them. 

Visiting the Circles? If you are thinking of visiting any crop circles this summer, please read our Visiting the Crop Circles section. It’s full of useful information and etiquette for visiting the countryside and the crop circles. Please remember that you should not enter any fields without the express permission of the farmer and you will need to be aware of and abide by any restrictions in place in the UK in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. 

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No permission has been given to enter this circle. 
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