Longwood Warren, Hampshire.

(Nr. Winchester) 

Detail & Location: This circle was reported on the 29th of June. It is in a field of green wheat and measures approximately 200ft in diameter. See the Google Maps link for precise location. It is the most complex formation of the 2020 season so far. 

Crop Circle Reporting and Covid-19: After considerable thought and consultation, we have decided we will not be censoring crop circle locations during the Covid-19 pandemic. There are no current restrictions in place in the UK that call for a blanket ban on visiting the countryside. We consider the reporting of crop circles to be in the spirit of journalism, and censorship to be an anathema to that spirit. Therefore, we will be treating the crop circle community as adults and asking everyone to approach the information carefully and responsibly. This will include not visiting the circles if the farmer has not given explicit permission to do so and should permission be given that they practice social distancing by staying 2 metres away from fellow visitors. It would be our very strong advice that visiting the crop circles on the ground should be kept to an absolute minimum for now. However, because we know that the location of any given circle can be important to researchers and those that record the circles from the air, we will continue to share what we know. 

Flying during the Covid-19 Pandemic: As yet, because of the current pandemic, we have not been able to take to the air to record the crop circles as we usually would. We are however, very confident that the restrictions keeping us grounded at present will be lifted before too long and we will be able to cover the rest of the season as usual. In the meantime, we are every pleased to have teamed up with the excellent AEROBO (Art in Flight) who will be helping us collect images and drone footage of the latest crop circles to share on the website. 

Visiting: As far as we are aware no permission has been given to visit this crop circle. Please do not visit this circle. Thank you. 

History & Connections: Longwood Warren lies close to the Devil’s Punch Bowl at Cheesefoot Head, just outside of Winchester in Hampshire. This area has a very long association with the crop circle phenomenon, with circles appearing around this location since the late 1970s/early 1980s. Famously, Longwood Warren was home to the huge solar-system formation of 1995. The whole area is place of outstanding natural beauty, the Punch Bowl, once famous for its crop circles is now no longer planted with crops and is the location of the huge annual Boomtown Fair. A cursory glance at the OS map for the area will reveal several bowl barrows in the area, showing this has been a sacred site to humans for many thousands of years. 

Design & Symbolism: This is a beautiful formation based on an exquisite 5-fold geometry. The central pentagram and pentagon is surrounded by a series of fifteen overlapping rings – sublime! Can’t wait to get this in the drawing board! Check back later for updates. 

Visiting the Circles? If you are thinking of visiting any crop circles this summer, please read our Visiting the Crop Circles section. It’s full of useful information and etiquette for visiting the countryside and the crop circles. Please remember that you should not enter any fields without the express permission of the farmer and you will need to be aware of and abide by any restrictions in place in the UK in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. 

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No permission has been given for visiting this circle.
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