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We had some exciting, fascinating and insightful lectures during our 2022 online conference – covering everything from the latest, incredible 2022 crop circles, details of their interiors to their the geometry and possible meaning. Speakers covered a whole spectrum of multidisciplinary approaches to the phenomenon, from a new crop circle data collection website, to looking at the future of crop circle research and the ongoing pivotal role that consciousness plays in the subject. You can see below our speaker line-up and read much more information about their individual presentations. 

We hope you’ll enjoy listening to these presentations and consider joining our growing online community of researchers, enthusiasts and experiencers by attending one of our online events. You might have missed our 2022 conference, but we also have our ‘Crop Circle Explorers’ courses, ‘Synchronicity School’ workshops. 

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Video Recordings Now Available

Workshop: An introduction to Crop Circle Geometry: With Karen Alexander & Geoff Fitzpatrick
This is  2-hour workshop includes an introductory Lecture by Geoff Fitzpatrick and a drawing geometry session with Karen Alexander in which she takes the group through drawing one of the beautiful crop circles from 2022 – Hippenscombe 22nd May. This workshop comes with a selection of materials including videos, PDFs and other visual materials – all included in the price. 
Lecture 1 – Karen Alexander Veteran researcher and co-author of the Crop Circle Year Book Series (1999-2021)
Lecture 2 – Dan Vidler Veteran researcher documenting the interiors of crop circles for over 10 years
Lecture 3 – Geoff Fitzpatrick Co-creator of the Sacred Geometry Academy & creator of the ‘Headcleaner’ visualisations.
Lecture 4 – Marien Grace Director of the Bay Area Crop Circle Study Group (US)
Lecture 5 – Robin Heath Veteran Megalithic culture researcher and author
Lecture 6 – Gary King Director of ‘Against the Grain’ crop circle social media page and YouTube Channel
Lecture 7 – Peter van den Burg & Melanie McCalmont Peter is the director of ‘Geometry of the crop circles’ FB page and Melanie is a geographer & longtime crop circle researcher 
Lecture 8 – Dan Zetterstrom
Lecture 9 – Veronica Goodchild Author of ‘Song-lines of the Soul’ and a longtime crop circle explorer
Lecture 10 – Scott Onstott Creator of Secrets in Plain Sight & co-creator of Sacred Geometry Academy 
Lecture 11 – Prof. Jonathan-Paul  De Vierville
Each lecture runs for approximately one hour with and additional 30 mins of questions and group comments. 
the lecture by Peter van den Burg & Melanie McCalmont was given in two parts and the whole session ran for 3 hours.
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Past Conferences: You can now download video recordings from our past two online conferences (2020 & 2021). Individual lectures start at just £10.00, or you can buy the entire video archives from our 2020 or 2021 conferences for just £45.00 each. See the links below. 

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About our Speakers

Karen Alexander is main conference organiser, conference host, workshop facilitator and speaker. Karen is a long time circles researcher (1990-present day) who has for many years brought a thoughtful and introspective touch to researching the crop circles. A highly respected and influential speaker and writer, her work seamlessly fuses sacred art, spirituality, psychology and philosophy – the scholarly and the intuitive. Karen is perhaps best known as the writer behind the annually published Crop Circle Year Books (1999 – 2019) and Crop Circles: Signs, Wonders & Mysteries (Arcturus, 2006 & updated in 2009 & 2012). She is also known for her hand drawn images and paintings of the crop circles which are widely admired and collected. Karen has a background in counselling and psychotherapy and has facilitated and taken part in a number of groups and projects over the last 20 years looking specifically into crop circles and their connection with consciousness.

Presentation: A Year in Review & So What?! In her lecture Karen took us through a beautiful slide show of some of the crop circles of 2022 featuring the sumptuous photography of her husband and photographer Steve Alexander – updating the conference about what has been happening in the fields in 2022. In the second part of her presentation she then takes a look at the question “So What!?” All these crop circles, all these designs, for all these years, but why and what for? Karen looks ahead to the future of crop circle research and what the circles themselves invite. 

Dan Vidler is a School teacher, ardent crop circle enthusiast, photographer and webmaster of www.ukcropcircles.co.uk which documents the interiors and ground details of the crop circles. He has been a regular and popular speaker at the Summer Lectures since their inception. Dan has a keen eye for the fine detail of the circles; the lay of the crop and other significant ground details. Each year he presents us with the intrigues and delights of the interior of the circles, so easily missed by all but the most eagle-eyed, accompanied with an eye-watering array of beautiful photography.

Presentation: This extended lecture was delivered in two parts, each section focusing on distinct but related aspects of my current crop circle research. Part 1: Ground Details in Crop Circles During the 2022 Season. As always, I will present evidence from inside the crop circles of the 2022 season. While the overall number of formations was lower than some years, the quality of the circles did not disappoint. The details within crop circles at ground level never fail to amaze, fascinate, and inspire and, documenting some of this season’s formations, I will share the intricacies and subtleties which I believe reflect the majesty of the formations’ geometric designs. Often these details are easy to miss, but when we are lucky enough to notice them, the mystery of the phenomenon becomes ever deeper.
Part 2: Alignments Across Space and Time In recent years, I have begun to notice and to investigate the relationship between the location of crop circles across the Wiltshire landscape. As well as geometric aspects of the formations which appear to ‘point’ to other circles or landscape features, there are examples of features within the ground details which also direct us towards other places.During the 2022 season, the alignments between formations themselves became ever more apparent and focused ground research has led to some revelations about crop circles aligned not only across the fields, but across seasons…

Geoff Fitzpatrick was introduced to mandalas whilst studying the pioneering work of Carl G Jung and  has spent the past 15 years exploring the intersection of geometry, spirituality and psychology through these symbols. Working with mandalas has opened Geoff to the profound power geometry possesses to influence states of consciousness. The construction of sacred sand mandalas during Geoff’s Mandalanature sessions opens people to a deeper aspect of themselves by blending creativity, geometry and mindfulness in a unique and special way. In addition to his studies at Trinity College and the Milltown Institute, Geoff has trained with Dr. Stanislav Grof MD learning a psychotherapeutic technique called Holotropic Breathwork. Dr. Grof’s cartography of the psyche informs the Manalanature model entirely. Geoff is also a regular visitor to the crop circles, to experience their spaces and contemplate their geometries. Geoff combines his love of Mandalas, consciousness and the circles to form a unique view of this phenomenon.

Presentation: Geoff takes us through a beautifully illustrated slide show looking at the role Sacred Geometry has had in our history, culture and even beyond the planet and into the cosmos. 

Marién Grace is a long-time crop circle researcher and the founder and director of the Bay Area Crop Circle Study Group. Through this forum she studies the implications of the mysterious phenomenon known as crop circles. Marién is an accomplished speaker on the subject, always focusing through the lens of consciousness. A graduate with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from California Institute of the Arts, Marién Grace uses the arts for expressing her study of meaning and dynamics, now being fed by her passion for the fundamental dive into Sacred Geometry. 

Presentation: Crop Circles, Alchemy, and Transformation. Marién will be speaking on Alchemy, on the understanding of the alchemical nature of our present moment, with the support of the imagery, symbols (and intent?) found in the crop circle record. Our current junction in history is a moment of great import, so Marién is not going to hold back! Can you allow the crucible to act on you? Do the crop circles give us counsel on how best to weather this crucification, or on how to transcend the process? Marién is a spiritual counsellor who recognizes the alchemical language in many interlaced fields of reference: geometry, physics, chemistry, psychology, relationships, number, astrology, embodiment, cosmic spacetime… and she says Yes, there is counsel in the crop circle record.  It is her passion to share and engage, heal and grow, with deep Respect and Nurturance in the dojo of the Living Arts. If this seems cryptic, hopefully by the end of her talk this will all be more accessible!

Robin Heath is an independent researcher into ancient wisdom, specialising in archaeoastronomy and megalithic culture. He has written nine books on this and allied subjects, including the best selling Sun Moon & Stonehenge: Proof of High Culture in Ancient Britain, Power Points: Secret Rulers & Hidden Forces in the Landscape and Alexander Thom: Cracking the Stone Age Code. In a varied career Robin has enjoyed being a research scientist in computer chips, a marketing manager in electronics, a senior lecturer in mathematics and engineering and head of department in a college of further education. Since 1974 he has also been practicing as an astrologer and is a highly regarded  astrologer who has taught in all the leading schools of astrology in the UK and been the editor of the international Astrological Association Journal.

Presentation: The Queen’s Funeral – Revealing Hidden Rulers on the Landscape. An illustrated presentation revealing striking similarities between the locations of temporary temples (crop circles), their megalithic counterparts (permanent temples) and the placement of Britain’s Royal family and other institutional structures, both ancient and modern. Robin brings his ideas about measure, geomancy and the power centres of culture bang up to date, by looking at the central locations of ritual following the death of Britain’s Elizabeth ll and the accession of King Charles lll. 

Gary King began researching the crop circle phenomenon in 1997. He first came to the publics attention after having been one of the three primary witnesses present at the formation and discovery of the East Field formation on the 7th July 2007. Since then he has lectured both nationally and internationally, and featured in numerous TV productions regarding the phenomenon including the recent film, Crop Circle Realities. Gary is himself a photographer and film maker and worked with the late, great researcher Michael Glickman on their Crop Circle Reporter website for a number of years.  Gary brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to his work that is both insightful and intellectually stimulating.

Presentation: Crop Circles – The State of the Discipline. In this presentation Gary reflects upon the past 25 years of being a crop circle researcher. Covering some of his own personal experiences after walking into his first crop circle in July 1997, right through to the present day, Gary reveals both the highs and the lows of following this path. With a mixture of indisputable facts, interesting anecdotes, and the odd speculation here and there, this talk comes from the heart about the state of the discipline and what it is to be a crop circle researcher.

Peter van Den Burg has been researching crop circles since 2007. Primarily their geometric properties, gradually expanding his search to the relation crop circles have with the surrounding landscape. His drawings have been featured on the Temporary Temples website for the last two years. He lives in Norway with his dog Nico.
Melanine McCalmont is a US geographer and non-fiction author based in Colorado who has studied the geography of the crop circles since 1997. Melanie has a Master’s Degree in the Geography of Communication from the Univ of Wisconsin. Her field analyzes why and how people communicate in places/locations, what tools they choose, and how those choices create shared meaning and function. Melanie visited the Wiltshire circles in 2010 and attended one of our early conferences

Peter and Melanie delivered a two-part presentation as follows. With a discussion afterwards (this was a three-hour session)
Part 1: We are experiencing a global transition of consciousness. Just as our technology, art, and literature reflect this transition, the crop circle phenomenon may likewise be a written testimony of that transition. Rather than linking specific crop circles to specific consciousness-raising events, we wish to reveal the underlying themes as they come and go. We use superimposed techniques to search for synchronicities. Can we detect a correlation between cultural- and crop circle evolution? Part 2: This presentation describes a new crop circle classification system that will help to develop a common framework for research and discussion. Classification is an organising tool that helps to communicate our observations, discuss relationships between formations, and create useful data sets. This proposed classification system has two themes: Measurable elements (i.e., size, shape, phases, lay, symmetry, etc.) and non-measurable elements (i.e., emotion, behaviour, synchronicity, cultural analogies, etc.) We will compare this classification system to the 1991 system. Participants will get access to a web platform for crowd-sourcing preliminary classification data. We hope to refine and adapt the classification system so that it can provide deeper insights for our community and science at large.

Andy McGrillen & Dan Zetterstom are the hosts for the hugely popular ‘That UFO Podcast’ which began in 2020 during the Covid pandemic and in response to the up-tick in interest in the UFO/UAP subject after the NYT revealed the existence of a secret U.S. UFO programme to study the phenomenon. Since then the podcast has gone from strength to strength, always having its fingers firmly on the pulse of the UFO world. Andy & Dan are also members of ‘UAP Media UK’ which works to provide the UK media with factual information about the UAP phenomenon. This year the team uncovered a copy of the the legendary Calvine UFO Photo taken in Scotland 1990. In a change to our programme Andy McGrillen was unable to join Dan Zetterstom for this session. We missed you Andy and hope to see you again very soon!  

Presentation: Part 1 Phenomenology. In February of 2022 Dan travelled to Columbia as part of an international team of unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP) researchers which investigated Colombia’s mysterious ‘Dancing Lights’. This investigation was the basis for an independent film production (a series of 10 x 30 min episodes) called Phenomenology which you can see on the streaming platform Vimeo. Dan talked about his trip to Columbia with slides and video of exactly what he saw! Part 2: The Calvine UFO Photo. In 2022 the UAP Media group were involved in an investigation into the famous Calvine UAP/UFO incident of 1990. Lead by Dr. David Clarke, the team finally tracked down the now legendary photo of the incident. Dan tells the thrilling story of how the photo was found and tells us what it now can tell us about the incident. 

Dr. Veronica Goodchild is Professor Emerita at Pacifica Graduate Institute, where she taught Jungian psychology and psychotherapy for over 16 years.  She grew up in England, studied at London University, and moved to the U.S. in her early 20s, eventually completing her graduate education in New York and California. She practiced as a psychotherapist for many years, before turning to teaching and writing.  In the last few years, Veronica has developed Pilgrimage journeys in SW France, Crete and Mainland Greece, and the UK, uniting her interest in myth and legend with visits to sacred sites.  Veronica has a keen interest in the intersection of psyche and nature, and began visiting crop circles in 2008.  She has traveled extensively in France (where she now lives), Peru, and Egypt, following the hints of her dreams.  She is the author of Eros and Chaos: The Sacred Mysteries and Dark Shadows of Love, and of Songlines of the Soul:  Pathways to a New Vision for a New Century.

Presentation: Crop Circles as Oracular Portals. In an enthusiastically and warmly received presentation Veronica took us through the history of the Oracle and its fundamental role in human initiation and transformation throughout out the ages. She asked the question, “could crop circles also have an oracular function and if so how might we access this and where might this lead us?” Veronica shared dreams, connections and messages connected to the crop circles and some her personal methodologies for connecting to the the crop circle intelligences. This was both a deeply personal and insightful presentation, which provoked much reflection and debate for the attendees. 

In 2010 Scott Onstott wrote, narrated, and single handedly produced an online documentary passion-project series called Secrets in Plain Sight, which explores patterns in art, architecture, urban design & the cosmos. This was well received by millions around the world and continues to be enjoyed as an esoteric classic on Gaia and YouTube. Since then, he has written and beautifully illustrated eight thought-provoking books, including Sacred Geometry: Philosophy & Worldview.

Presentation: The master number 33 was encoded in a crop circle this year on Hackpen Hill on June 4th. Scott’s discussion centers on this number and where he has found it both in his research and in uncanny coincidences in his life. Scott will reveal through in his many slides how 33 represents the full gamut or range of possibility, with 32 indicating the highest level one can attain through effort and 33, the transcendent step into a larger domain or higher octave.

Dr. Jonathan-Paul DeVierville is conference co-host, workshop facilitator and speaker. He is Professor Emeritus of The Humanities, History and Interdisciplinary Studies (from the Department of Social Sciences at St. Philips College, Texas). He is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a Licensed Professional Counsellor He owns and directs The Alamo Plaza Spa in San Antonio, Texas and is a regular teacher and speaker on Spa Culture all over the globe. Jonathan-Paul has taught analytical, depth and archetypal psychology and clinical psychotherapy at the post-graduate level and has a particular interest in dream work. In addition to all this he is a committed crop circle experiencer and researcher, with over 17 years of first-hand experience in the field.

Presentation: Images, Numbers & Times – A Heavenly Conscious Cosmos. Coda: A look around, back, through and forward into the crop circle field formation phenomenon(a) over the years and decades. Continuing Collaborative Conscious Cosmological Conversations.
Professor De Vierville concluded the conference with a whirlwind of images, words, questions, synchronicities, dreams and thoughts on the crop circle phenomenon. What is it like to participate in a living mystery, to follow the ebb and flow of events, connections and communications/ This talk gave a great flavour of exactly that! With an emphasis on culture and community, Jonathan closed out the conference with a stimulating Q & A session… until next time…


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