Crop Circle Explorers: 4-Part Online Courses

Dive Deeply into the Crop Circle Phenomenon…

A series of four-part courses (presented online).
Hosted & presented by Karen Alexander & Geoff Fitzpatrick


2024 Programme

Crop Circle Explorers: Sunday January 14th | 21st | 28th & February 4th 2024
6.30pm – 8.30pm UK time.

More 2024 dates to be announced shortly.


Crop Circle Explorers: 4 week course £150.00

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Welcome to Crop Circle Explorers!

Geoff and Karen have now announced the first of their 2024 programme of Crop Circle Explorer courses, the rest will be announced shortly. We usually offer between 3 and 4 courses per year. If you haven’t already, please join our newsletter for first notice about the opening of bookings for each course. 

Read more about Crop Circle Explorers

Crop Circle Explorers is a new series of online courses designed and presented by Geoff Fitzpatrick and Karen Alexander that aims to dive deeply into the crop circles and some of the related phenomena that surround them. With a focus upon the experiential, we will be combining drawing, geometry, art and the psyche to create a unique view of each formation we explore.

Crop Circle Explorers 

Crop Circle Explorers are a series of stand alone courses which run once a week for 4 weeks (same day and time each week) and each session lasts for 2 hours.

Explore more Deeply

Each course will explore just one crop circle, allowing us time to really look deeply at what each circle reveals to us and to follow and tease-out many of the threads that they present us with.

The language that underpins the phenomenon

We will be unpacking the geometry, numbers and ratios, inviting you to re-create each circle for yourself as part of fully immersing yourself in this beautiful mystery. Together we will explore the language that underpins the phenomenon and learn about the implicit order and creative principle it reveals.

The transformation of personal and human consciousness

In equal measure, we will also be giving time to looking at and sharing how these magnificent shapes and designs impact us personally, using specially designed visual and meditative exercises, alongside our drawing. We will look at the role of synchronicity and intuition as we allow each circle to work its magic on us and develop our drawings into modern-day mandalas. Finally, as we slowly immerse ourselves fully in each circle we will be working towards creating a ‘crop circle gateway’ to explore the way in which this phenomenon could be part of a wider and deeper transformation of human consciousness – using our own experience of them as a guide. 

All of this while having fun in a tribe of like minded people!

An heartfelt invitation…

We invite you to join us on this adventure; together we will explore crop circles – experience the magic, beauty and harmony they embody – co-creating a community of like minded explorers we hope to create a joyful journey of discovery out of which new insights might emerge, both for you personally and in regard to the phenomenon as a whole. 



Who are these courses for?

Crop circle explorers is an invitation to uncover the hidden beauty, harmony and order revealed by crop circles. It is a language one can learn that will help you interact with the phenomenon in a fun and enriching way. 

  • Anyone with an open-hearted interest in crop circles – newcomer or veteran
  • Those that feel called to this kind of exploration 
  • If you would like to learn more about the geometry and the deeper symbolism of the circles
  • If you would like to develop your own connection to the crop circles
  • Those that would like to develop their own personal response to, and interpretation of, the crop circles
  • Have you ever wondered about mystery? Are you drawn to topics that stretch your worldview, open your mind and help you see reality in an expanded way. 
  • If you’ve ever gazed upon crop circles and felt captivated by their beauty and majesty.     
  • If coincidence and synchronicity feel meaningful for you
  • If you feel an intuitive calling to the world of crop circles and would like to explore this beautiful phenomenon with a like minded tribe then….

 This course is for you!!

What will you learn?

  • You will learn about the first principles of sacred geometry applicable to the crop circle we are working with
  • You will receive drawing tips and best practice
  • Learn about how to approach drawing the crop circles
  • Learn about the qualities and symbolism of sacred number, ratio and proportion
  • You will understand the connection of those principles to creation and the cosmos
  • Also learn about the important role personal interaction and the human psyche play in the crop circle phenomenon
  • Learn about mandalas and their connection to crop circles
  • Experience how to meditate upon crop circle geometry
  • Enjoy the sense of satisfied completion creating mandalas affords

Why take this course?

  • To get a new and deeper perspective of the crop circle phenomenon 
  • To develop your own practice for exploring the crop circles for yourself
  • To work in a fully experiential way with a group in which your own ideas are encouraged and welcome
  • To take part in a co-creative process towards a better understanding of the phenomenon 
  • To build a tribe of crop circle explorers! 
  • Enjoy giving yourself some time, space and permission to explore the beauty, harmony and mystery this rich phenomenon provides. 

Important  Note: 

It is outside the scope of this course to address in detail the history of the crop circle phenomenon or to look in depth at what makes them or how. Please see our Introduction to the Crop Circle phenomenon webinar for this type of material. 

Focus Crop Circle for our forthcoming course..

East Field 7th July 2005.

Experiencing the East Field Star of 2005

Karen: I was very fortunate to have the amazing experience of visiting this formation on the ground. It was a beautiful July day and Steve and I were accompanied by my daughter and her friend. As just about anyone who has done so will tell you, a visit to East Field is always special; it’s a huge undulating field which seems to stretch on forever. When the sun is shining and the crop is growing, you can almost sense the life force at work in your midst. As with so many formations of this size and complexity, it is very difficult to appreciate the shape in which you are standing at ground level; while the crop circles do create a kind of architectural space, it’s not the type with which we are usually familiar, and can therefore be quite disorientating. There were many people also visiting that day. To me, a crop circle feels incomplete without visitors. Something special happens when the human psyche encounters the crop circle space – a ‘participatory entanglement’ if you will. It’s as if our psyche helps charge the space somehow and that charge, or energy, can sometimes manifest in all kinds of different ways. Sometimes it’s a sense of presence, or perhaps euphoria, sometimes it’s a profound sense of peace and openness. For me, it was all those things and it was utterly magical.

I wrote a blog about the crop circle some years ago and you might find it interesting to have a link at that as it details many of the geometric properties of the formation. You can read it HERE

This crop circle is a play on the numbers four, eight, twelve and one hundred and forty-four. The latter number (144) being one of those special numbers recognised by geometers as significant and pregnant with meaning. This crop circle marries traditional sacred geometric properties with innovative pattern work at its centre – which is fractal-like and based on a 12 x 12 square. This will be a challenging circle to draw, but one which should bring great satisfaction!

Crop Circle Explorers Course programme:


Our sessions will run from 6.30pm – 8.30pm UK time. Please make sure you check carefully the equivalent time where you are. You can do this easily at 

Course Outline

  • Aim – To explore the beauty, meaning and mystery of crop circles
  • Objective – To provide you with a new lens to view and enjoy crop circles and give you tools to explore the phenomenon in a deeper way.


1. Unlocking the secret codes by drawing the geometry of crop circles,
2. Meditation with the shapes
3. Group sharing.

Week 1:

Welcome and Introduction
Overview Meditation
Opening Circle
Crop Circle Lecture 1
Crop Circle Lecture 2
Homework: Active Guided Visualisation/Journalling

Week 2:
Opening Circle
Lecture: Number Symbolism (of the circle we are working with)
Drawing: First Principles: Geometry Drawing Session
Homework: Subtle Sensing Exercise/Journalling 

Week 3:
Geometry Drawing Class – drawing our crop circle in full.
Lecture: Introduction to Mandala Process
Lecture: Guidelines for Crop Circle Mandala Experience
Homework: Create a mandala from your drawing 

Week 4:
Opening visualisation with visuals and music
Big Integration Group Share
Closing Statements

Equipment you will need:

IMPORTANT: You will need the following drawing equipment. 


Notebook and pen/pencil

For the Drawing Sessions:

  • A compass set – we recommend a Helix Precision Plus drawing set.
    (A large bow compass with pen attachment and a smaller compass for smaller circles)


  • A Ruler – at least 30cms – 50cms is best
  • Pencils – H2 or H3
  • Paper – Smooth A3 cartridge paper is ideal, or similar size watercolour paper if you want to paint your drawing.
  • Eraser
  • Artists tape (or masking tape)
  • A3 Tracing paper
  • Fine-liner pen in black 0.5


  • Fine-liner pens in multi colours (Staedtler Triplus are ideal)
  • Coloured pencils
  • Watercolour paints



For the meditation/visualisation

A space where you can sit quietly and not be disturbed and perhaps some headphones you can plug into your computer to listen to the music.

Accessing our online events 

It’s Easy!

We will be using the ZOOM app for our online sessions. If you’ve never used ZOOM before don’t worry, we will send you full instructions for downloading and using the app when you book. The ZOOM app is free to download and you will not need a paying account to take part. You can use ZOOM on most devices, we recommend using your PC or laptop for the best view of the presentations. 

Accessing Recordings of our Workshops

We will be recording some elements of this workshop and they will be made available as downloadable videos via a Google Drive link – for you to enjoy again after the workshop has concluded.

Booking Your Ticket

Booking is easy. We have have an integrated facility to book your ticket at the top of this page, using the yellow ‘Buy Now’ button. You can pay either with your PayPal account or using a credit or debit card. If you have any problems at all, or are not sure about anything you can email us for assistance. We can also send a PayPal request for your tickets if that works better for you. We’re on hand and happy to provide whatever assistance we can.

Course/Workshop Tariffs

Each Crop Circle Explorers Course is £150.00 each

This covers:

  • All 4 x 2-hour online sessions – a total of 8 hours over 4 weeks
  • Preparing to Draw PDF – by Karen Alexander 
  • Working with Manadalas PDF  – by Geoff Fitzpatrick
  • Access to PDFs of presentations and materials used in the course
  • Access to recordings of the two drawing sessions and lecture parts of the course for post course review. 
  • MP3 recordings of visualisations and meditations
  • And, more besides!



We do have a small number of concessions for those on a low income. Please email us for details. 

Pay in Instalments?

We’re happy to arrange payments in instalments please email us for further details. 


What happens when you’ve booked your ticket?

Important Notes:

You will receive an immediate acknowledgement of your booking in an automatic email, but you will need to wait up to 24-48 hours for a further email containing all the information about joining the course and links to pre-course materials.

In this second email we will also send you information about how to download Zoom and how to use the programme. You will also receive a Zoom Meeting ID number and password which will get you access to the live online sessions.

If you have not heard from us please check your Junk email folder – sometimes these emails can get placed in there in error. You can also add our email address to your contacts/address book in your email program, this will help the emails not be filtered into your Junk folder. Our email address is:



We welcome any questions you might have. Please email us we’ll be pleased to help if we can. 

About your Hosts

Karen Alexander Karen is a long time circles researcher of over 30 years (1990-present day), who has for many years brought a thoughtful and introspective touch to researching the crop circles. A highly respected and influential speaker and writer, her work seamlessly fuses sacred art, spirituality, psychology and philosophy – the scholarly and the intuitive. Karen is perhaps best known as the writer behind the annually published Crop Circle Year Books (1999 – 2020) and Crop Circles: Signs, Wonders & Mysteries (Arcturus, 2006 & updated in 2009 & 2013). She is also known for her hand drawn images and paintings of the crop circles which are widely admired and collected. Karen has a background in counselling and psychotherapy and has facilitated and taken part in a number of groups and projects over the last 25 years looking specifically into crop circles and their connection with consciousness.



Geoff Fitzpatrick was introduced to mandalas whilst studying the pioneering work of Carl G Jung and  has spent the past 15 years exploring the intersection of geometry, spirituality and psychology through these symbols. Working with mandalas has opened Geoff to the profound power geometry possesses to influence states of consciousness. The construction of sacred sand mandalas during Geoff’s Mandalanature sessions opens people to a deeper aspect of themselves by blending creativity, geometry and mindfulness in a unique and special way. In addition to his studies at Trinity College and the Milltown Institute, Geoff has trained with Dr. Stanislav Grof MD learning a psychotherapeutic technique called Holotropic Breathwork. Dr. Grof’s cartography of the psyche informs the Manalanature model entirely. Geoff is also a regular visitor to the crop circles, to experience their spaces and contemplate their geometries. Geoff combines his love of Mandalas, consciousness and the circles to form a unique view of this phenomenon.

Some of the beautiful mandalas created as part of our previous courses…


A beautiful mandala created by Marién on one of our workshops. Based on the Cley Hill crop circle of 2010

Here’s what some of our fellow Crop Circle Explorers have had to say about our courses and workshops

Karen and Geoff hosted a wonderful deep dive into this many-layered phenomenon through an intensive geometric exploration of a single crop circle over four weeks. I found the focused drawing experience fascinating, group sharing profoundly moving, and the guided meditations stellar. I highly recommend Crop Circle Explorers – their next session is not to be missed! – Scott Onstott,  Secrets in Plain Sight

This course was a perfectly balanced mix of lectures, group-sharing, Mandala work and guided meditation. Each part designed to enhance the other. I enjoyed it very much. – Peter van den Burg, Geometry of the Crop Circles (FB)

Karen Alexander and Geoff Fitzpatrick present a window into crop circle research that expands possibilities and becomes personal for those who participate in their workshops. My own delight in this subject was nourished by their intimate knowledge and genuine open interest. The ability to interact with other sincerely dedicated crop circle enthusiasts was also truly valuable. It helps to know we are not alone, with each other as humans and beyond! – Marién Grace, Director-Bay Area Crop Circle Study Group

Delving into the crop circle geometry was mental therapy, encouraging calmness and focus of the mind. I found the process a meditative experience especially so when combined with Geoff’s playlist. I thoroughly enjoyed working and sharing with fellow enthusiasts from around the planet. Highly recommend this journey – Darren

It is a wonderful thing to stumble into the world of crop circles, to find admiration and awe, wonderment and zeal in these living creations made manifest in pattern adorning a field of grain.  So much the more astonishing to then learn that these formations arise from, and are underpinned by, a whole canon of metaphysical structure ensconced in Number.  In fact, geometry is Number in Space.   I realized, after some years of feeling adrift, that my high school sophomore year geometry class had received an impoverished rendition of the subject, that we had been short-changed.  My fellow students and I heard nothing about the magical qualities of number, only numbers’ secular usefulness in measurement and calculation in agriculture, commerce and war, without regard for its basis in nature.    In the crop circle and sacred geometry arena, people who teach, inform, motivate and support other aspirants are few, and the best are rare.  Karen Alexander and Geoff Fitzpatrick are two of them.  They run a tight show that should be experienced by multitudes.  Do everything you can to join them and you too shall be rewarded with spiritual enrichment. – Mark

First of all, I am so profoundly grateful for the opportunity to join the group and actually engage with the crop circle. It was a happy day when I stumbled upon the link to the course. I really appreciate the time and dedication you have given to providing a connection to these beautiful and mysterious creations. I was very excited about the drawing. Your instruction, Karen, was great. Very clear and patient! In preparation I had done a few online mandala/Islamic pattern classes because it’s been ages since I used a compass, and it was much harder than I imagined. But at some point I realized it was OK if it wasn’t perfect, and then I could enjoy it more. Geoff, I also really appreciated your cheerful presence and loving guidance. I loved your insights into the geometry of this circle. And the soundtracks were great! Listening to the other participants too was so interesting and inspiring. All in all, it was a very rich experience – Meryl

I attended Temporary Temple’s online conference in the autumn of last year and having enjoyed it very much, was enthusiastic about any future events which might be organised; I was keen to find out more when the new Crop Circle Explorers course was advertised.
All the details and information about the course were set out on the website, along with clear aims and objectives; booking and paying for the course was straightforward. Once the course commenced, communication was good and included instructions about materials for the coming week, where to find things and also prompts for our own follow up homework between sessions. Care was taken to remind participants about what to expect the following week. The course was meticulously planned and I felt supported at each step. Over the four weeks, time was allocated for presentations by the course hosts, geometry sessions, meditations and sharing / listening to the experiences of others. Karen and Geoff worked to provide a warm, welcoming and safe online space where everyone was heard with respect. The shared ideas and unique insights into the Calstone crop circle went beyond anything I might have expected. It was great to take time in this way to meet and share ideas with others who are also interested in the complexity, beauty and mystery of the crop circle phenomenon – Julie

Beloved Karen and Geoff, I just have to tell you how thrilled I was to see those perfect petals encircling the radiating design.  I’ve been drawing petals freehand for 25 years without thinking about the purity of the exact and balanced form and what it lends to the mandala.  I’m definitely loving this crop circle now.And I am fascinated with the process of compass and straightedge without resorting to protractor and other gizmos to figure out the measurements for the forms.  Love it. And, Geoff, your enthusiasm for your Mandala Nature process is wonderful and engaging.  Thank you for describing it so thoroughly and with such love. Great exploration, you two.  Thank you – Ansula

I find these courses very interesting and exciting, because I feel drawn to this phenomenon of exploring crop circles and nobody else is even interested among my friends.   During these courses we can talk about anything connected to the crop circles.   Many people with different backgrounds can give their different points of view.  The range is from scientific measuring angles, ratios, etc. to the mystical thoughts invoked when you do a journey to the heart of a particular circle.  Connections have been projected to the Universe or astrologically proposed.   The possible understanding is infinite and maybe beyond our human comprehension – Sandra

This was my second course with Crop Circle Explorers and it was a great experience – unique in fact.  I came away feeling as though I had visited the Ogbourne St George formation in person after perusing the maps and wonderful panoramic photographs of the Wiltshire landscape, shared by Karen in her introduction to the course.  I gained an appreciation of the setting of the crop circle within the larger context of its relationship to the ancient landmarks and monuments, of which there are many within the area. I really enjoy the balance of presentations, meditations, geometry lessons, mandala-making and sharing time in these courses; there are also excellent resources which are downloadable to keep.  The course coordinators, Karen and Geoff are warm and wise hosts who welcome each participant and create a group ethos where experiences relating to the crop circle may be shared and respectfully heard. It’s a privilege to meet with others from around the globe in this virtual space, all brought together by a common interest in the crop circle phenomenon. – Julie E