2013 Video Gallery

Video Clips from the 2013 Season

Welcome to the 2013 Video Gallery

2013 was a year of transition, change and recalibration. Several formations seem to point to a reorientation. An early circle in East Field, Alton Barnes seemed to be a simple compass, which called for a reorientation. What at first appeared to be a set of fine concentric rings at the Ridgeway, was in fact a set of concentric ribbons which thickened and thinned and beautiful example of classical geometry, the whole thing was underpinned by a set of squares. The Hackpen Hill Dream-Catcher was seen as a sigil to warn off anxiety during this time of transition. The formation at Monument Hill, showed the cube ‘unhinged’ another symbol of paradigm change? The year culminated with a huge design at Cooks Plantation; striking, elaborate, enigmatic!

Note: Use the slider under the large window to navigate between clips. The date and location of each crop circle is embedded in each video clip. To find out more about the 2013 crop circle season and see images of more circles from that year, please go to our 2013 Image Gallery page.