Online Workshop event: Circles of Transformation

This workshop runs over three consecutive weeks.

Next dates: to be announced later in 2019 (last run in March 2019)


click on image above to download a short brochure for this event

All the sessions will run at 6pm – 8pm UK Time.

A series of three 2-hour online workshops hosted by Karen Alexander exploring crop circles, geometry, symbolism & most importantly their vital role in consciousness change. Each workshop is filled with gorgeous photography, drawings and first-hand research and we supply a PDF copy of each presentation for note taking and reference.

The price for the entire workshop (all three sessions) is just £70.00  – approx $92.00 USD.

Booking: You can complete your booking at the top of this page or click on the photo (left) to download a short PDF brochure for the workshop. You can email us to put you on our list for notification of the next dates for the workshop.

Note: Our sessions will be small, intimate groups of no more than ten participants per session. They will be live & interactive rather than pre-recorded. Our session format will include beautifully illustrated presentational information, with opportunity for  group participation and discussion. No expertise or experience is required, these workshops are for everyone. 


SESSION ONE: Welcome & group introductions | An introduction to the crop circle phenomenon | New thinking about how to approach the phenomenon| Challenging old preconceptions | Engaging with the Symbolic & the Psyche | Learning to ‘sit with the question’ | Group discussion

SESSION TWO: Welcome | An introduction to crop circle geometry (don’t panic!) | Sacred Number as a language| Quality vs. Quantity, Duality & Triangulation | Measure, Time & Spirit | The geometry of Jung’s Transcendent Function | Group discussion

SESSION THREE: Welcome | Geber’s Stages of consciousness evolution & links to perception | Travelling through the dimensions | McGilchrist’s Hemispheres & beyond Maslow’s pyramid | Crop Circles as the event horizon of  a new consciousness | The new consciousness, what will it look like? | Group discussion & Farewells…

Crop Circles embody something deeply personal for me and that is that potential for personal transformation. People talk about messages, codes, information, languages, but to me the crop circles have always seemed beyond those very ‘human’ concepts. They speak directly to the heart, spirit or soul, often bypassing the intellect (in its current form). In our rational/mental age we look for the rational, intellectual, and the logical, but I think in the crop circles we have something that calls us beyond that, something that calls for us to develop an intelligence of the heart, soul or psyche. My overwhelming sense is of something that is timeless, non-linear and that has no one firm interpretation. The crop circles seem to be able to speak to each one of us in an individual way, but collectively they address consciousness itself and call us forward to a new perception of ourselves and our place in the world. Karen Alexander



“Karen, thank you for the informative and enlightening workshop. It was a perfect synthesis of the history of the circles, sacred shape and number, and how it all relates to the evolution of consciousness. It has inspired me to work with the circles on a more interactive level so I can look more deeply into their beauty and meaning. I hope you offer more workshops in the future.” Celeste


“Just a note to say thank you so very much for the excellent workshop.  I love learning and I certainly learned a great deal from your workshop.  It was very stimulating; definitely lots to think about not to mention the books you recommended which I am looking forward to reading. I had never participated in a live on line seminar before and I was surprised that technically it worked so well. I appreciate the amount of work you put into the presentation.  I enjoyed it immensely.  Thank you once again.” Joan
“The Circles of Transformation seminar that Karen led is a wonderful way to think about crop circles in a different way.  They are not just beautiful designs, but mostly likely, symbols of communication.  Tying into this, Karen brought us through basic concepts of sacred geometry into some very heady geometry and ideas that are very worth exploring.  Her presentations are clear and well presented and the internet connection was easy.  I highly recommend it.” Lily

“Those three weeks in the virtual fields went by quickly!  Must be related to the “paranormal” and altered time perception. Thank you for all the work putting together the Circles of Transformation presentation.  It was a masterful endeavor, and you deserve an honorary PhD for the enormous amount of work and thought that went into it.  Openings into boundless realms of classical knowledge are delivered with charm and authority as they relate to the portents of these patterns.  We are enriched in the light of your personal awe and enthusiasm that clearly endure after all these years.  How extraordinary to be part of the cosmic mysteries as made available through the crop circles under your perceptive guidance.  I’d love to take the course again, so deep is the sacred well.” Mark 

“Your explanations and commentary on matters crop circle warm my heart. I have always been interested in the effects of the non-physical. I find your words and subtle encouragement like an invitation for your readers to be more open to unfamiliar explanantions and commentary. There’s room for all of us. It was quite evident in the recent Online Workshop that you put on in April – which I enjoyed – and the informative materials you sent to us. It was good seeing and sharing your illustrations. You invited the participants to be open to the world of possibility, to sit with the question. In response I think we must become adept at using our anxiety for good. Life will always be uncertain. It’s time get to know my shadow side, my butterflies, my little voice.”  Peter